Budgeting for your Outdoor Space

Designing your outdoor space is a significant commitment. It is important for you to realistically consider your budget early on. For a new and complete design, including all hardscaping, plants, irrigation, lighting and, outdoor furnishing including labour and design costs, an investment of between 4 and 10% of the property value is recommended. Landscaping can typically raise the value of your home 10-20%.

One mistake homeowners typically make is to begin projects, clear areas, put in mix of plants here and there, and proceed without a plan. The result gives the property a disorganized, fragmented feel. Following a professionally designed landscape plan provides a more cohesive and functional design.

Of course, every garden has its own needs. Larger projects can be completed in phases, perhaps even over several years. Or you may have a garden where a complete re-design is not appropriate for your site or you may just need help improving a small area. Whatever your needs, I am always happy to give you a consultation.

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